egg custard

Egg Custard

Custard is a delicious addition to fruits and pies.

Crocheted Egg Cosies

Keep boiled eggs for your weekend brunch warm with these adorable crocheted egg cosies.

Turning Tail on Bad Advice

What do you do with bad advice? How do you handle an “expert’s” opinion that varies drastically from your own? What type of teacher are you? Do you listen, or do you judge? Do you encourage or do you hold back?

Egg Producers Push for Layer-hen Regs

A House bill would increase living-condition standards for layer hens on large-scale farms, though many agriculture organizations argue it’s not enough.

Pasta Carbonara

This quick-and-easy recipe is versatile enough to serve for dinner, lunch or brunch, or to take along to a picnic or potluck. Leftovers reheat well or can be frozen for future meals.


Photo by Audrey Pavia My hens aren’t laying right now, but when they do, they get serious about it. I wanted chickens my whole life, and when I finally got them, I was so excited about having fresh eggs. I remembered the time one of my young hens laid her first. I picked it up, […]

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