Butte College Improves Energy Efficiency, Goes “Grid-Positive”

Photo courtesy PR Newswire California’s Butte College becomes the first college in the nation to be grid-positive. Oroville, California’s Butte College recently became the first college in the United States to go “grid-positive.“ Not only will the college generate more electricity from its solar arrays than it consumes, but it will also contribute to energy efficiency by […]

Bulbs to Receive Energy Star Label

Courtesy Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Thinkstock Light bulbs carrying the Energy Star label will be 30 percent more energy efficient starting in October 2011. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently updated its standards for light fixtures to qualify for the Energy Star label. To qualify for the Energy Star label, light fixtures will need to increase energy efficiency 30 […]

Microwaves for Efficient Holiday Meals

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Reheat food in the microwave to save energy and time during holiday meal preparation. With the frenetic pace of the winter holidays, urban farmers looking for ways to save time in their preparations may also have an opportunity to save energy when reheating frozen, made-ahead holiday meals. The Electric Power Research Institute recommends […]

Model Law Makes Green Building Accessible

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock The Center for Climate Change Law created a model green-building ordinance as a resource that can be implemented by small cities. When it comes to green-building ordinances, size matters. Big cities have bigger budgets, which means there’s more cash to spend on researching and writing ordinances that promote and regulate green building. Faced […]