6 Tips for Pruning Evergreens

Just before the holidays is a perfect time to trim your evergreen trees and shrubs, both to encourage spring growth and to provide fodder to deck your halls.

Evergreens of Hope

Good nature could winter foresee when she made the evergreen tree. —Pepper Blair

O Christmas Tree

Uzzi and I admire Mom and Dad’s Christmas tree when we sneak into the house at night to use the computer. After Christmas, we get to eat it! Evergreen trees are a big part of humans’ Christmas traditions.

Deck the Stalls: Holly

This is the time of year that farm folk like to decorate their homes and barns with festive evergreens.

Nature’s Swag

A few weeks ago, a fairly impressive wind storm littered Douglas fir branches around our farm, plus snapped off the dead top of the big, old fir gracing our horses’ pasture. It seemed a shame to let all of those branches go to waste …