kids grinding nuts

Raising Off-Grid Kids

For some families, disconnecting from the power grid is a dream in progress. Here’s how you can get your kiddos in on the action.

fermented feed children's chore

Fermented Feed: A Farm-Kid Chore

Reduce your feed costs and give your children a useful job around the farm with this simple fermentation project.

bath tea ingredients

Farm Sprouts: Bedtime Bath Teas

Create a relaxing bath-time ritual with your children to softly segue them into bedtime stories and sleep.

honey uses

7 Sweet Things To Do With Honey

August is the time of year when we extract fresh honey from our hives, and your kids can join in on the fun.

felt craft

Felting with Children

Introduce your children to the world of fiber arts by having them create a wet-felted picture out of wool.

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