FDA Proposes Food-safety Rules

Food-processing facilities and produce farms are the targets of two proposed food-safety rulings available for public comment.

A Fixer-upper Farm

An old friend of mine called this spring with the news that he and his wife were buying 15 acres in the country. They had gotten a real good deal on the place, but the buildings were in questionable shape.

Carrot: Our Small, Surprise Lamb

This blog is for Abigail, who wanted to know more about having lambs. I said I’d blog about it when our next lamb arrived, and he’s here!

Rhubarb Fritters: Springtime Garden Indulgence

The early warm weather this May gifted our farm with a more-bountiful-than-usual rhubarb patch. Having already worked through our usual rhubarb repertoire of muffins and coffeecakes on our B&B guests, we took this tangy, red springtime garden treat to new levels this weekend by whipping out the fryer.

Farmstead Chef Join John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of the cookbook Farmstead Chef (New Society Publishers, 2011), as they share recipes and tips for using your garden abundance to eat seasonally. From creative ways to cook up zucchini to making homemade pantry staples, John and Lisa make it fun and easy to create a […]

Out of the Office … Into the Cab

A farm surrounds our 3-acre lot. Hundreds of acres of corn and soybeans, plus more of pasture and woods. It belongs to my nephew, who farms it with his brother and father who have neighboring farms and rented land in the area. Ironically, while I write about large-scale agriculture all the time, I seldom get the chance to experience how technology has changed large commercial operations.

Born-again Windows

We’ve been needing a “cabin” at our tree farm, which is six miles from our home. There are multiple reasons for building the cabin, including nailing down the zoning approval for a house some day. We also are planning an orchard and garden at the farm site to take advantage of sunlight our wooded lot doesn’t get.