Coping: Baseboard Installation

The title might lead you to believe that I’m just hanging on by a thread, but despite the myriad challenges and setbacks on the farmhouse-renovation journey, I’m doing relatively OK in the emotional department.

Dog Days of Demo

After settling on a contractor, we moved ahead with the farmhouse’s demolition and repair of the substructure (aka, the floor and rim joists devoured by termites and powder post beetles). Our goals: cut costs and keep renovation in motion.

Creepy Houseguests

As we began demolition on our new farmhouse, we interviewed contractors and requested quotes so that we would have someone to oversee the progress and keep it on track when we couldn’t be on site.

The Chosen One

After about two years of throwing around the idea of putting our small suburban home on the market, we finally did it. To our surprise, it sold in six days!