7 Self-Sowing Annuals I Love

Lighten your garden workload by planting self-seeding flowers that come back year after year without coaxing.

Bushes for Butterflies

I have always loved butterfly bushes. Their big panicles of flowers are magnets for butterflies of all sorts, and at a mature height of up to 6 feet, they make quite the impression.

Torches in the Garden

It’s gray-weather time here in Rapallo, and on good days we all walk around wearing long underwear and a bunch of jackets. I haven’t worked in the garden for at least a month now because it’s not so much fun when everything is cold and wet.

Flowers in the Vegetable Garden

The flowers in the garden look pretty nice this week. The big splashes of color are particularly welcome at this time of year, when the crop plantings are no so spectacular yet.

Tried-and-true Fall Flowers

I can’t believe how many things I still have blooming in the garden—the most beautiful of which are my Venus mums.

Red Hot Pokers

Some of my favorite flowers, the Red Hot Pokers, are just starting to come into flower in our garden these days.

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