What’s In Your Irrigation Water?

Part of a good food-safety plan for your farm includes making sure the water source you use for irrigation is contaminant-free.

How Safe Are Foster Farms’ Chickens?

Outbreaks of salmonella and listeria. Brutal beatings. What’s happening at a West Coast chicken processor makes me question its claim to humane.

washing carrots

Wash Your Organic Carrots!—Here’s Why

Practice food safety by properly washing all fruits and vegetables (organic or not) before eating to minimize your exposure to pathogens and chemicals.

barn, crop

7 Barn Practices for Better Food Safety

If you’re pursuing USDA Good Agricultural Practices certification for your farm, look at these processing-building improvements to boost your audit score.

FDA Proposes Food-safety Rules

Food-processing facilities and produce farms are the targets of two proposed food-safety rulings available for public comment.

Grow Smart: Keep Food Safe

When you grow your own food, you can take steps to prevent food-borne illness from creeping into your crops. Here’s how.

Food Safety Legislation Hits the Senate

Courtesy Stock.XCHNG The Food Safety Modernization Act was prompted by the nation’s food recalls to basic staples, like spinach. Just when you think politics and life on Capitol Hill might take a lame-duck session lull, the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.B. 510) adds some heated spice as the Senate begins debates on this bill today. […]

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