Farm to Hotel

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Hotel culinary staff seek out fruits, vegetables, dairy items and meats at farmers markets and local farms. At some hotels, food choices are the result of culinary staff trolling farmers markets or dialing up local farms in search of juicy fruits, earthy vegetables, artisan dairy items and mouth-watering meats. A few months before […]

A Fresh Take on Foraging

Photo courtesy ForageSF Iso Rabins of ForageSF teaches burgeoning food finders how to forage for edible plants. Foraging is the latest foodie fixation. While there is nothing new about the practice of gathering food from wild places, creative locavores are taking the art of found food to new levels, transforming the bounty into restaurant meals, […]

Mushroom Season

Photo by Rick Gush Gino shows off the huge Porcini mushroom he foraged this year. It’s a good fall for collecting mushrooms this year. My wife and I drove up into the mountains this week to attend an agricultural festival, and the side of the road on the way up was dotted with the parked cars of […]