Frack Off, New York

Environmentally minded New Yorkers are crying with glee and natural-gas supporters are raging mad over New York State’s ban on fracking.

Follow the Fracking Rules

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock A new California bill will add more transparency to oil companies that frack. Hydraulic fracturing, “fracking,” companies may soon be revealing more information about their fracking explorations, due to a new draft for a bill by California Governor Jerry Brown’s administration. Although it will take a long time for the bill to […]

Frac-sand Mine to Open Across Wisconsin High School

Photo by Jim Tittle/ Glacier Sands, LLC recently obtained a conditional permit to build a 325-acre frac dry-sand plant and rail-loading facility directly across the street from Cochrane-Fountain City School in Fountain City, Wis. This not-too-uncommon-in-Wisconsin facility will be located between Kamrowski Road and Bensel Pond, and will be the main distribution center for frac-sand […]