free-ranging free-range chickens fall

Free-Ranging Chickens, By The Seasons

Different times of the year bring different challenges for a free-ranging flock, so check out these tips for foraging a flock through the changing seasons.

chickens and cat

Are Cats a Danger to My Flock?

Because cats are carnivorous predators, it’s common to wonder if a neighborhood cat or stray will leap over your fence and attack your laying hens. But are cats really that dangerous? Stray Cat Strut While my first flock was still quite young—feathered out but not laying—a neighborhood cat would come by to stalk my birds. […]

pastured poultry

4 Myths About Pastured Poultry

Don’t let your farm customers get confused about package labels. Set them straight about how a pastured-poultry operation works.

How to Let Your Backyard Chickens Forage

Last week, when I’d take the chicks outside to their makeshift playpen—a 4-by-8-foot rabbit guard fence we built to keep the hens out of a raised garden bed—the chicks were afraid of the big world, snuggling up together in a corner or trying to escape. Yesterday, though, I saw a sudden change in their behavior. […]