Fresh Berry Pie

Courtesy Tracy Benjamin This morning, at the end of my work on community-supported agriculture farm, I picked a precious half-pint of raspberries. It took not only a little searching, but also avoiding the bees, which love the fragile, sweet berries nearly as much as I do. Over the weekend, I’ll gather some wild briar berries, […]

Pear-Gorgonzola Pizza

Photo by Judith Hausman Pears and pizza are a perfect pair. Fruit and cheese: It’s an iconic picnic pairing that deserved the pizza stone this fall, and it couldn’t have come together any more easily. On a weekend, you can mix up your signature pizza dough recipe, but on a Monday night, I used whole-wheat […]

Plan Now for Giant Pumpkins

If size is the most desirable trait in your pumpkin harvest, start planning now to make next year’s jack-o’-lantern the largest on the block.


Photo by Rick Gush   The pomegranate (Punica granatum) tree growing in our garden is the only one of our fruit trees that I grew myself. That’s because rooting pomegranate cuttings is just so easy. Six years ago, I took some cuttings in the fall from a pomegranate growing in a neighbor’s yard and stuck […]

A Lesson, a Ritual, Gifts

Photo by Judith Hausman I canned my foraged “parking lot” pears in rum with plums and ground cherries. It’s a rainy, rainy day, and a rain we sorely need here in the Hudson Valley. Despite the rain, I had to go get the quince today, or else I’d have been too late for them. About […]

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