solar garden tools

Charge Your Garden Tools With Solar Power

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years, so now’s a great time to cut costs and go even greener by solar charging your garden tools with solar power!

DIY Gardener’s Apron

This gardening apron small enough that it doesn’t get it the way while I’m working and has pockets big enough to keep essential tools close at hand.

hand pruners

5 Tools I Can’t Garden Without

While I have plenty of useful tools in my shed, there are five items that I can’t garden without. What’s your favorite must-have gardening item?

Garden Scissors

Photo by Rick Gush I can’t live without my garden scissors! Usually when I wax poetic about by my garden tools, I’m talking about sturdy, blacksmith-made shovels, picks and trowels that I can get here in Italy. Today, however, I’m going to laud one of my seldom-mentioned but often-used garden tools: my scissors. Many other […]

Workshop In Progress

After years of using a corner of our unheated car garage for a workshop, I am in the process of making a change. With the addition of a hoop building to store the ATV, leaf shredder, lawn mower and accessories, it was time to rearrange other things as well. Our 8- by 12-foot garden shed will soon be my workshop.

Cutting the Cheese … Literally

I had some friends over the other day and finally got to use one of my Christmas presents: a cheese knife from my husband’s aunt and uncle in Wisconsin. When I opened the gift (which also included some distractingly yummy locally produced goodies), I didn’t think much about the knife …