How to Harvest Potatoes

On a whim, I decided to plant potatoes this year and I’m so glad I did—75 pounds of delicious potatoes await the dinner table.

How to Grow Okra—A Southern Staple

No summer meal in the South is complete without okra, but no matter where you live, your garden should boast this beautiful vegetable.

crop rotation

6 Simple Steps to Crop Rotation

Rotating plant families through your garden reduces pest pressure, improves soil nutrition and increases your harvest.

In Support of Beginning Gardeners

This year, I witnessed a community of beginning gardeners learning as they grow, and those of us with more experience should be there to lend our support

You Say Potato, I Say Sunchoke

Jerusalem artichokes, aka sunchokes, can be eaten like a potato and are great for restoring the digestive fire in your gut.