Master Gardeners Make a Difference

Sorry, folks. I missed posting last week. I was in the beautiful state of West Virginia for the International Master Gardener’s Conference, where I had the incredible opportunity to serve as both the Master of Ceremonies and a breakout presenter.

Newfound Coleus Supplier

I recently wrote an article on coleus for my weekly newspaper column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and found out about a terrific mail-order company that I had never heard of before. Now, I have always liked coleus and I grow several different ones in my garden every year, but I had no idea how many hundreds of different cultivars there are out there and just how stunning some of them can be.

Cyclamen Time

It’s officially cyclamen season here, and there are thousands of the things planted around Rapallo these days.

Vertical Gardening for Accessibility

Courtesy MSU Extension Service/ Gary Bachman Window boxes placed on a stepladder-type stand is a verticle gardening technique that allows gardeners to water and harvest their plants without bending over. Some gardeners depend on the popular urban farming concept of vertical gardening not only to save space but to allow greater accessibility to their plants. As […]

Black Friday Garden Shopping

While my folks were here for the turkey celebration, we hit up a few of our favorite local garden centers in hopes of finding some good holiday bargains.

Gardens Transform Urban Living

This statement by Eve Mosher, a New York-based artist, referring to urban agriculture was the unifying theme of a panelist discussion at The New School’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in New York last week. As a part of “Living Concrete/Carrot City,” a Ryerson University and New School collaborative series of discussions and exhibitions aimed at […]

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