Christmas Traditions – Part 1

Christmas is coming, and Uzzi and I are excited! We wonder what we’ll get for Christmas this year. Maybe a plate of Martok’s Tasty Tidbits to share with my family. Yum!

Will San Diego Say Yes?

Photo by Aleigh Acerni Bessie, the miniature LaMancha goat that Dr. Laura Hershey is hoping to bring home. “I would rather live next door to a goat than a Rottweiler,” says San Diego, Calif. resident Dr. Laura Hershey. “Goats make great neighbors.” This comparison — between a sometimes-aggressive breed of dog that’s welcome in Hershey’s […]

A Day of Goats

Photo by Audrey Pavia Here are the goats I met on a hike this weekend, hard at work on fire abatement. The beautiful weather on Saturday made it a perfect day to hike near the beach. I opted to start at a little park at the top of a hill overlooking Laguna Beach, Calif., a […]


Last week, we goats were lying in the shade, chewing cud. When I mentioned I’d blogged about the wartime exploits of William de Goat, King Neptune and Sergeant Bill, my daughter Emony said, “What about Nan? She was a wartime hero, too!”

Oak (Again)

You know how much we goats love yummy acorns, but did you know oak leaves are us goats’ favorite summer treat? That worried Mom for a long time because many toxic-plant lists say oak is poisonous.

Our Friend, Feyza

A sad thing happened to one of Mom’s friends this week. Her sweet, orphan bottle lamb was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs and killed. That’s a shepherd’s worst nightmare. And dogs can kill other livestock, too.

The Rains Came

Everything is muck and mire on our farm. According to our rain gauge, 13 inches of rain fell in just four days! Uzzi and I huddled in our Port-a-Hut while storm after storm roared by.

Drex’s Adventure

Last night, my boy Drex (one of Bon Bon’s triplets) came galloping to the dairy-goat barn with a downcast expression on his face. “It’s embarrassing,” he muttered. “What is?” I asked him.

Collecting Stuff

Remember when Salem got sick and Mom and Dad gave him bock beer to soothe his bellyache? Mom and Dad don’t drink beer, so Uzzi and I decided to Google it for them.

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