Fiber Animals

Yesterday morning it was 4 degrees F when Mom fed us our breakfast. She paused to scratch Mr. Tumnus’ back and hair came out! She looked closer and sure enough, the Boers are starting to shed their cashmere undercoats. Boers have cashmere?


We’re getting ready for a blizzard! We don’t have them very often here in the Ozarks, so it’s an event. Mom and Dad are scurrying around, making sure we have everything we need. That’s important because once it starts to ice and snow, we’re stuck at home.

Midwinter Bugs

Our sheep have bugs! A few of the sheep started scrubbing themselves on things three weeks ago. Uzzi and I were worried that we’d get bugs too, so we booted up the computer read up on lice.

Big Bales

Here in the Ozarks, hay is expensive, so Mom and Dad buy most of our hay in big bales. It’s cheaper that way, but you have to know how to handle it or it gets wasted.

Christmas Letter to (My Goat) Mom

Note from Sue, Martok’s human mom: Martok agreed to share his annual Christmas letter to his beautiful Nubian mother, Ozark Jewels Peppercorn, again this year.

Move Over, Rudolph!

Nowadays, reindeer are the Christmas critters du jour, but we goats used to bring on Christmas cheer! Jultomte and juleniesse wear red, but they’re still small—not big and jolly like Santa Claus—and they deliver gifts in sleighs drawn by goats or carry the presents pack-style on a goat’s back.

How to Shear Sheep

Namaste Farms’ Natalie Redding demonstrates how to safely and efficiently shear a sheep.

Giving Thanks

Did you know goats might have contributed milk and cheese to the first Thanksgiving feast? It’s true. The first Thanksgiving took place at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass., in 1621.

Hey, Hay!

Dad gets mad when we goats and sheep pull hay out of conventional feeders, then fling it around, dropping most of it on the ground.

You can raise cattle for dairy or meat.

How To Keep Livestock And Make Money

Decide if keeping livestock for profit is right for you and your hobby farm, and choose the right species to keep with this guide.

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