From The Herb Garden: Oh, Oregano!

Nearly ubiquitous on spice racks the world over, easy-to-grow oregano brings flavor to a wide variety of dishes and a range of medical uses, too.

herbal salve pain relief lavender white willow bark cayenne pepper

Make Your Own Pain-Relieving Herbal Salve

Whether you’re at home or on the go, this simple herbal salve will bring topical relief with just three ingredients—lavender, white willow bark and cayenne pepper!

bath tea ingredients

Farm Sprouts: Bedtime Bath Teas

Create a relaxing bath-time ritual with your children to softly segue them into bedtime stories and sleep.

How To Grow And Dry Herbal Teas

Timing, handling and storage are key to making the most of your garden harvest so you can enjoy it throughout the year.