Let There Be Light

Is Daylight Saving Time inspiring you to get ready for spring?

Winter Care for Herbal Houseplants

If you’re like me, you brought a lot of your tender herb plants into the house at the end of summer. After several months of dry indoor air, a lack of beneficial insects and salt softened water, most of our plants are beginning to suffer.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. —Benjamin Spock

3 Herbs from the Carrot Family to Grow This Year

I’m planning to try a few new herbs in my garden this year. Although old standby’s like oregano, dill, thyme and basil will always have a home, I’m hoping to get a little more adventurous in both the garden and the kitchen this year by trying these slightly out-of-the-box herbs.

Buckwheat Pudding

Bubblegum flavors from anise hyssop flowers come through subtly in the finish of this beguiling dessert.

An Abundance of Borage (Starflower)

Borage spontaneously grows in nearly every corner of everyone’s yard. It’s a great substitute (or addition) to your usual steamed greens.

Nutritive Tea

Improve your immune system and fight minor sicknesses with this herbal tea that can be made at home with plants gleaned from your farm.

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