How to Site Your First Barn

Building your first barn can make your farm feel official, but before you start construction, give these things some thought.

Sharing for Tomorrow

Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others. —Jean-Nicolas Bouilly

Dog Days of Demo

After settling on a contractor, we moved ahead with the farmhouse’s demolition and repair of the substructure (aka, the floor and rim joists devoured by termites and powder post beetles). Our goals: cut costs and keep renovation in motion.

Carol’s Health Nut Bars

At a recent fair we met Carol Yoder, who has been a long-time farmstead chef, and she shared her recipe for homemade nut bars.

10 Minutes With Jeff Mcpherson

The author of a book on honor-system marketing touts the method’s benefits he’s experienced at his own farm stand.

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