hog butchering pig pigs

Learn The ABCs Of Home Hog Butchering

Hog butchering is an invaluable skill for homesteaders, and it’s not difficult to learn, though there are some key steps and concerns to keep in mind.

pastured pasturing pasture pigs

The When, Where & Hows Of Pastured Pigs

Pastured pigs need more than just outside air—they need living grass to supplement their diets. Luckily, modern developments have made good porcine pasture management easier.

pigs winter cold prerp

Tips For Prepping Pigs For Winter Weather

If you choose to keep pigs over the winter, you’ll need to prepare their shelter and water dispensers, as well as plan for their health needs, before cold hits.

Pig News of the Weird

From GM hogs with extra muscles to hogs hoarded to pigs that swim, our porcine friends have been receiving a rare spotlight.

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