Chemicals Prove Harmful to Bees … Again

Researchers find that fungicides and miticides meant to protect bees from parasites might actually impair their immune systems’ ability to ward off the diseases on their own.

Identifying Leafcutter Bees

Ever since reading The Xerces Society’s guide “Attracting Native Pollinators,” I’ve been bee-obsessed

summer bees hive

Month-by-month Beekeeping

Two beekeepers walk you through a monthly schedule of easy-to-follow beekeeping tasks according to region.

Cleaning up Bee Colonies

Researchers continue work on breeding bees for hygienic disease resistance, to protect bees from Varroa mites and other contributors to colony collapse disorder.


How to Help a Honey-bound Hive

Bee hives overfull of honey or pollen indicate a bee colony that’s outgrown its hive. Use this advice to prevent a swarm and keep the honey flowing.

Honey Bees and Drought

While honey harvests will continue in existing hives this year despite drought, new hives and next year’s harvest could be at risk.

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