Burt’s Goes Wild for Bees

Natural beauty-care company Burt’s Bees launches three artistic videos during National Pollinator Week to educate the public on the importance of Honey bees.

Food Shortage for Bees

Photo by MSU Ag Communications/Kat Lawrence Honey bees forage on flowers, such as henbit, about a month earlier than usual due to warm winter temperatures. This year’s unseasonably warm winter weather could create a food shortage for honey bees. Beekeepers in many states have been asked to monitor their hives for signs of starvation. Normally, […]

Elmore Mountain Farm

One Vermont couple turns a run-down farm into the love of their lives.

More Research Needed in Bee Health

Despite recent findings related to the cause of colony collapse disorder, the mystery of disappearing Honey bees hasn’t been solved.

Film Investigates Vanishing Bees

Courtesy Vanishing of the Bees The Vanishing of the Bees documentary explores the possible causes of colony collapse disorder worldwide. It’s no secret that the world’s Honey bees are in a dire situation. A sudden, mysterious decline in the bee population, known as colony collapse disorder, has thrust these buzzing beauties into the media spotlight. […]

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