Container Water Gardening 2

S. Scherer & Sons’ Bobby Scherer shows you which containers are best for your container water garden, and how to keep mosquitoes from invading your aquatic garden. If you’re having a hard time finding aquatic plants that are the right size for your containers, Scherer shows you how to make them fit.  

How To Milk A Goat

Milking a goat isn't much different than milking a cow or a sheep, but it can be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing.

How To Make Fresh Pasta

Create fresh egg pasta in your hobby-farm home with this easy-to-follow recipe from a small-town pasta maker.

Nifty Websites for Home Shop Work

The great thing about the Internet is the instant access to information. I use it on a regular basis for owner’s manuals and user suggestions. You can find almost anything in the way of how-to videos on or dozens of other “how to” sites. I got more than 5,000 responses when I Googled “how to fix a chainsaw.” Some sites rely on amateurs, while others offer high-quality professional work, placed there by a company to promote their product and services.