Winter Slaw

  Photo by Judith Hausman Top some tacos with this winter slaw. We had black bean and corn tacos for dinner last night: perfect warming food for a frigid snowy night. The local corn in them (I had frozen wisely) reminded us that summer would eventually return. Still, even wintery dinners need the refreshment and […]

Fish Soup

Photo by Judith Hausman Fish soup is warm and comforting. It’s snowy and cold this time of year, just the right weather to call on the half-gallon of lobster broth I cosseted home from summer vacation months ago. I had to nestle it in bags of ice in a large cooler, and even then, one […]

Pumpkin Hummus

Photo by Judith Hausman Middle Eastern meets American in this holiday twist. Inspiration twice over: long, deep-orange pie pumpkins from my CSA and the gift of a Middle Eastern cookbook. The result was pumpkin hummus, a novel hit at Thanksgiving. While any winter squash, especially butternut, would serve, these pie pumpkins are especially nonfibrous and […]

Pear Bread

  Photo by Judith Hausman Fruit plus bread equals “time to eat a snack.” The orchard store is still full of apples, but they are down to the last of the pears. I bought a big bag of small Bosc “utility” pears, spotted and still hard. They’ll ripen fast enough at home and the few […]

Broccoli di Rabe with Potatoes and Sausage

  Photo by Judith Hausman Serve this dish with a big salad alongside and an apple cake for dessert. On a recent trip to Philadelphia, I discovered that broccoli di rabe (aka broccoli raab, rapini) can even make a greasy cheesesteak taste good. Broccoli di rabe holds up so well to cheese or sausage or […]

Green Puttanesca

  Photo by Judith Hausman Pasta puttanesca is a flavorful dish, perfect for fall or winter. I usually think of pasta puttanesca as a winter dish because it makes wonderful use of the pantry and its salty, strong flavors warm up a winter night. Puttanesca doesn’t relay on fresh vegetables and comes together in a […]

Barley Stuffed Peppers

  Photo by Judith Hausman Stuffed bell peppers make a traditional and hardy fall meal. Surprisingly hardy in the fall garden, juicy green bell peppers freeze well when diced, and they also can hold any number of tasty stuffings. This stuffed bell pepper recipe is pretty conventional, but rather than rice, I chose chewy barley. […]

Braised Lamb with Chinese Flavors

Photo by Judith Hausman Pair some lamb with some seasonal turnips.  My local lamb share won’t be here until just before Christmas, but cool weather and a stash of dense yet mild Japanese turnips put me in mind of braised meats and warm Asian flavors. The recipe I chose was originally for short ribs and […]

Pear-Gorgonzola Pizza

Photo by Judith Hausman Pears and pizza are a perfect pair. Fruit and cheese: It’s an iconic picnic pairing that deserved the pizza stone this fall, and it couldn’t have come together any more easily. On a weekend, you can mix up your signature pizza dough recipe, but on a Monday night, I used whole-wheat […]

Apple Pan Dowdy

This old-fashioned recipe deserves our attention.