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Plan For Farm Water Concerns In A Changing Climate

Water is critical to life and essential on the farm. Water also stands to be an issue as our climate shifts, so plan now so you have enough (but not too much) water in the coming years.

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Watering Wand

After testing a watering wand, I can’t imagine getting along without one, because it readily solved all the problems I faced watering my garden beds.

5 Small-space Irrigation Options

Delivering the H2O your plants need to produce the best veggies is a job to be taken seriously. Too much water and you can drown the roots; too little and your plant will under-produce. There are as many irrigation options for container gardening and backyard gardens as there are urban-farmer personalities. Here are five low-maintenance […]


What’s In Your Irrigation Water?

Part of a good food-safety plan for your farm includes making sure the water source you use for irrigation is contaminant-free.