Porch Rehab

We have lived in our current house for seven years, and ever since we moved in, we’ve been wanting to redo our front porch.

Green Spring Gardens in Photos

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful public garden in Alexandria, Va. Twenty minutes from the Capitol Building, Green Spring Gardens is a National Historic Site originally donated to Fairfax County by its previous owners, Michael and Belinda Straight.

A Picture Tour of My Garden

With the adequate rainfall and mild temperatures we’ve experienced this summer, it has been a great year for the garden.

Hummingbird Hurdles

I learned an interesting lesson this summer: Not all hummingbird feeders are created equal.

Fruit for the Fourth

Our little fruit trees are doing quite well this year. Although they’re only 6 years old, we are already getting a few pieces of fruit on some of them.

Time to Plant Peas!

It’s nearly pea-planting time! One of my favorite homegrown veggies, peas find a spot in my garden each and every year.

Mountain Mints

A plant that I’m waiting on with great anticipation is my mountain mint.

A Book on Making Maple Syrup

I received a fascinating little book in the mail a few weeks ago, and if you have any interest in learning how to tap your farm’s maple trees for syrup production, you should put it on your wish list.


Broomcorn for the Birds

I have really been enjoying watching the birds this winter. Although they always love the black oil sunflower seeds and suet we put out for them, this year they seem to be particularly fond of the broomcorn a farmer friend gave to me.

Emerald Ash Borer Damage

The havoc created by a little green insect known as the emerald ash borer is very evident these days here in western Pennsylvania. Tree after tree is meeting its end because of this imported pest, and the ash trees on our property are no exception.