A Peek at the Holiday Nursery

I spent the morning on leaf duty again, raking and using the leaf vac to clear off the back patio and perennial beds. I’m already looking forward to harvesting all the leaf compost I’m sure to have come spring, but it’s hard to believe the holiday season is just around the corner.

Gardening Magazines to Pass the Winter Lull

I have always been a big magazine reader, especially those related to gardening. Although my preferred magazines have changed over the years, for the past 20 I have subscribed to at least three different ones at any given time.

Unusual Deer Meal

My son and I were in the house the other day, and he called for me to tell me there was a deer standing outside the picture window in our living room. Not 6 feet from the window stood a large doe.

Overwintering Container Plants

The leaves are really coming down now, and there is definitely a nip in the air. We have been busy raking and shredding the leaves and piling them into the compost bins—an endless chore to say the least.

Master Gardeners Make a Difference

Sorry, folks. I missed posting last week. I was in the beautiful state of West Virginia for the International Master Gardener’s Conference, where I had the incredible opportunity to serve as both the Master of Ceremonies and a breakout presenter.

Empty Pumpkin Vines

I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get any of our own pumpkins this season! I planted five pumpkin vines, including an Atlantic Giant, a Howden, and some others I don’t remember, but none of them managed to set any fruit.

Happy Potato Accident

Photo by Jessica WalliserI accidentally grew All Blue potaotes in the compost bin, and they did better than the ones I purposefully planted in the garden! I’m secretly hoping for an early frost this year, namely to kill off some of the stink bugs before they make it inside but also to put an end to […]

Fertilizer Factor

I spent the morning mowing the lawn. It’s a beautiful day here, and even riding the mower was a pleasure. I don’t often write about my lawn because I really don’t care that much about it. I’m not one of those people who think of the lawn as part of the garden. We don’t really do much to it except mow. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of a lush, green, well-maintained lawn, but I don’t think a person needs to spend time and money to have that. It’s not worth it to me, I guess.

First-Day-of-School Blues

I just put my son on the bus for his first day of kindergarten. As is probably the same with all other mothers, my head is filled with mixed emotions. Part of me is so very proud of him, as he stepped onto that big bus like he owned the joint; another part is so sad to be loosing my best bud.

Stinkbugs Stink!

Stupid stinkbugs have ruined my corn! I was so excited to harvest my Jade Blue sweet corn, but when I peeled back the husk, the kernels are all shriveled and warped. The foliage is completely covered with stinkbugs and the white splotchy damage caused by their feeding.