Planting My Paradise

When I got home last evening, I decided to fill my patio planters even though I can’t put them on the new patio until the final coat of sealant is applied. I went ahead and planted a few of them in the ground, too.

Pond Be Gone

My husband and I spent this past weekend ripping out our silly little pond and waterfall. We knew we would eventually remove it. In theory, it was a nice water feature, but from a design standpoint, it stuck out like a sore thumb … actually worse than a sore thumb to me.

Backyard Bees

I visited a friend’s house today for a little garden tour and a lunch date. I love to see other people’s gardens and find out what they have going on.

Asparagus Raised Beds—Check!

I’m checkin’ something off the to-do list, and it’s a big ticket item—how I love it when that happens! I spent yesterday building raised beds and planting my asparagus in them. The lumber for the raised beds has been sitting in the garage since autumn, so it’s nice to have the project completed …

Voilà! Patio Complete

The patio is now complete! We just need to add the sealant coat later this week. It’s soooo beautiful, and I’m relieved that we seem to have made the right material choice—the exposed aggregate is really lovely.

Garden Week Q&A

To prepare for National Garden Week, Dirt on Gardening blogger Jessica Walliser answers Hobby Farms readers’ questions about gardening.

Old Patio, New Patios

Spring is coming on quickly here, though the backyard is still a muddy mess. Work has begun on our new patio. Well, actually, the work has begun on removing the old patio. It is made from about a million brick pavers, each of which weighs about 5 pounds.

Time to Transplant

I finally got around to transplanting all the seedlings growing on my new grow-light stand. They look so great!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. The perennials have begun to pop, the bulbs have been pushing up their green sprigs, the grass is starting to turn it’s luscious spring green, the mud is starting to dry out, the crocus are about to bloom, and all the seedlings growing under the lights in the basement are ready for transplanting.

A View from Philly’s Flower Show

What an amazing sight the Philadelphia Flower Show was! Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll shut up now and you can some of my favorite images from the show.