A Fixer-upper Farm

An old friend of mine called this spring with the news that he and his wife were buying 15 acres in the country. They had gotten a real good deal on the place, but the buildings were in questionable shape.

Corner Shelf: Making Do

The other day, my daughter wanted to hang a shelf she had made. The challenge was that it was a corner shelf and I only had one appropriate hanger for the job.

A Tool for Tilling

One of the joys of my job as a farm-machinery writer is getting to try out tools. It’s especially fun when the tool turns out to do the job it was promoted to do.

Dryer Trouble-shooting: Keep It Simple

Electric motors are great, and modern life wouldn’t be the same without them. Let an electric appliance stop working, as our clothes dryer did recently, and you are quickly reminded how vital these machines are.

How to Build a Trellis

Several years ago, I built a trellis for a clematis in our front garden. We quickly established that that I had built it too small.

Angle Grinder Shopping: The Buy

After brushing up on tools and motors during my tool-shopping expedition, I spent some time on the web looking at my options and reading reviews for angle grinders.

Tool Torque and Trade-offs

When comparing drills, grinders, circle saws and other rotating tools, available torque is the important factor.

Tool Shopping: Check the Amps

For a guy who likes tools, I really hate shopping for them. I want to add an angle grinder to my shop and have started the process.

Neat Ideas … If Only I Remembered Them

Does anyone else ever get “neat idea” overload? I recently received an email with photos of neat ideas—like using a comb to hold a nail to be hammered … no more bruised thumbs!