Recipe: Herb and Walnut Pasta

Photo by Judith Hausman For a heartier meal, add sauteed sausage and chopped tomatoes to this herb and walnut pasta. Though not truly wild like garlic mustard, fiddleheads or lambs quarters, mint, chive and thyme are tough little survivors on my rocky, deer-scoured property. These fragrant growers have found a way to sneak up through the […]

Recipe: Calzones

Photo by Judith Hausman I used farm-fresh greens to fill my calzone. Calzones are like amplified pizzas. The enclosed filling, often pillowed on top of ricotta, makes them neatly portable and somehow cozier than pizza, and they’re just as quick to compose. Traditionally, pizzerias serve calzones with a side of mild tomato sauce for dipping or […]

Recipe: Chickpea Pancakes

Photo by Judith Hausman Cooked, seasonal vegetables pair well with these savory chickpea pancakes. Vegetarian main dishes appeal to me as transitions from heartier winter stews and soups to lighter dinners that showcase the newest spring arrivals. Spring onions, chives and over-wintered leeks replace winter’s onions and shallots, and other renewed crops of herbs and mushrooms link […]

Recipe: Deviled (local) Eggs

Photo by Judith Hausman Deviled eggs taste even better when made with fresh, local eggs. Out here in the East Coast, it’s the season of birth and rebirth, so it’s not surprising that eggs figure into the celebrations coming up. Whether it’s the chicks or the eggs that come first is another issue, but both […]

Recipe: Egg Noodles With Winter Vegetables

Photo by Judith Hausman This kugel could easily be served as a vegetarian main dish. We’re there, gang. We’re in the time of year when the doldrums start, the root vegetables are shriveled or used up and the spring greens haven’t yet started. Yes, the mild winter means we’ll get a jump on salad this […]

Recipe: Cereal Pancakes

Photo by Judith Hausman Any flaked cereal will work in this cereal pancakes recipe. Today is National Cereal Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the invention of corn flakes by William and John Kellogg in the late 19th century. Since research continues to show how important breakfast is for overall nutrition and cognition and the […]

Recipe: Flaming Tart

Photo by Judith Hausman Tarte flambée resembles a pizza and is easy as (pizza) pie, too. Tarte flambée is an Alsatian (Alsace is a small region in France) specialty, perfect with a stein of beer or a glass of Riesling or pinot gris and a seat near the fire. It’s neither flaming nor a tart, […]

Farmstead Chef Join John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of the cookbook Farmstead Chef (New Society Publishers, 2011), as they share recipes and tips for using your garden abundance to eat seasonally. From creative ways to cook up zucchini to making homemade pantry staples, John and Lisa make it fun and easy to create a […]

Recipe: Gravlax

Photo by Judith Hausman A squeeze of lemon and an easy mustard sauce are all gravlax needs.   Gravlax is an all-season, value-added dish. It is delicious and incredibly easy, and people will think you are a genius when you serve it. The fancy name and the fact that people don’t make it often lend […]

Recipe: Valentine’s Day Brown-Sugar Hearts

Photo by Judith Hausman Jam, cinnamon and allspice make these heart cookies special. Any excuse to make sweets, really, is fine by me. For Valentine’s Day, I love using the vintage heart-shaped cookie cutters I’ve collected over the years too. A couple came from my mom’s kitchen and a couple of others were picked up […]