lambs lamb sheep wean weaning

When Is The Best Time For Weaning Lambs?

When is the right time for weaning lambs? The answer depends a lot on your farm conditions and what you, as a shepherd, can do to keep stress low.

lambs sheep lamb ringwomb

Ringwomb Is A Dangerous Lambing Complication

Ringwomb, or incomplete dilation of the cervix, is a commonly encountered issue during lambing season. Read more to learn how to identify this condition and what to do if it happens on your farm.

hypothermia lambs

How To Treat Hypothermia In Newborn Lambs

What should you do if signs indicate one of your newborn lambs has hypothermia? It’s important to act quickly; these steps can help you save a life.

Bottle Baby Fever – Part 1

Mom has bottle baby fever, but don’t send her get well cards! It means she’s waiting for a bottle baby to be born. His name will be Milo.

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