French Court to Monsanto: Guilty

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock Monochlorobenzene is a poisonous chemical found in Monsanto’s Lasso pesticide. U.S. agricultural biotech company Monsanto was found guilty of the chemical poisoning of French grain farmer, Paul Francois, by a French court in Lyon. Francois said he endured neurological problems, including memory loss, fainting, headaches and stammering, after accidentally inhaling Monsanto’s […]

New Green Guide to Flush False Eco Claims

Photo by Stephanie Staton The Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guide revisions are to ensure that your planet-friendly cleaner really is what it says. Let’s face it, green sells. Consumers want products that are biodegradable, organic and made with renewable materials—and that means companies are eager to make those claims about their goods and services. To […]