Photo by Rick Gush Lettuce is much easier to grow than you think. I frequently hear from readers that their lettuce is too bitter, or that it is growing too tall, or that they have trouble getting iceberg lettuce to make big heads. It’s not surprising that people often ask about lettuce, since it is […]

Brussels Sprouts and Salad Surprise

I harvested the last of our Brussels sprouts last week, and they were delicious. After washing them, I peeled off the outer leaves, then cut them each in half. I put about 2 tablespoons of water and the same amount of butter in the bottom of a lidded pot, turned it onto medium heat and tossed in the sprouts.

Watching Grass Grow

Progress, progress, progress. How I love it when garden projects move along as planned! I managed to sow just less than 35 pounds of grass seed last week and cover it with a dozen bails of straw.

Winter Farmers’ Markets

Photo by Judith Hausman Don’t think that winter farmers’ markets only have root vegetables for sale. Vendors at Gossett’s winter market sell a variety of produce, including mushrooms. Is everyone smiling at the Stop and Shop? I don’t think so. But on Saturdays at Gossett’s Farm Market in South Salem, N.Y., no one looks grumpy. […]

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