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4 Reasons the Pitchfork Is a Classic Farm Tool

The pitchfork might seem like a farming stereotype, but only because it has earned its place as a hand tool that every farmer should own. Here are a few common uses for pitchforks.

farmers market stand out

6 Ways to Stand Out at the Farmers Market

Some methods, such as easily readable signs, are obvious. Others, such as always standing and greeting customers, are more subtle and personal. All are important.

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7 Ways for Farmers to Market Flowers

Flowers are easy to grow in little space. Here are ways and places to market them, including farmers markets, weddings, restaurants and wholesale.

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6 Ways to Use Row Cover in the Garden

There are many ways to use row cover in your garden. It isn’t just for frost protection. Discover these clever ways to use row cover that you might not have considered.