Basic Chowder Recipe

Photo by Judith Hausman Start with this basic chowder recipe and add ingredients as you go to change it up a bit. Chowder may have taken its name from the French word la chaudière, the heavy, black kettle that hung on a hook inside a fireplace. The culinary definition is basically potatoes, chunks of potatoes, […]

Recipe: Thanksgiving Brussel Sprouts

Photo by Judith Hausman Brussels sprouts make an excellent side dish at Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving meal generates a lot of magazine, food-site and newspaper articles; I’ve even written my share. Ironically, everyone wants the same old recipes on the holiday, not new ones. People can’t even give up the awful, green-bean mushroom-soup casserole or the […]

Recipe: Peach-Corn Salsa

Photo by Judith Hausman This easy and versatile sauce is one of those recipes every cook customizes. Make your own signature version with very nearly any soft fruit (watermelon, strawberries) and nearly any pepper, depending on what you enjoy. You can start with a milder pepper and adjust it with a few drops of hot […]