Portuguese water dog

Mourning Our Good Friend Fayre

This has been a sad week for Uzzi and me. Our special friend, Fayre, the Portuguese Water Dog, died last Friday evening.

Sew a Goat Harness for Pulling

Mom has taught some of us goats at the farm how to pull a wagon. I haven’t learned because I’m a studly buck, and when I get excited, I sometimes pee on things, like the person holding onto my lead.

Using Plants as Medicine for People and Animals

Last week, I told you about how Mom gathers and feeds wild blackberry leaves to my girlfriends and our pregnant ewes. But blackberry is only one of thousands of plants used in herbal veterinary medicine.

Working Goats

Last week, Katy the Alpine goat gave birth to my newest kids. They’re a boy named Ranger and a girl named Rapunzel. They’re cute! Ranger is so colorful that Mom says he’s going to become a working goat and pull her wagon and cart—maybe even go in parades!

planning calendar

Track Nature with a Calendar

Mom was looking at her calendar today. She checked it against her 2011 and 2012 calendars, and guess what? The frogs should start serenading us this month!

Teeny, Tiny Miniature Goats

Mom has two new bottle babies. They’re our smallest goats yet! They’re Nigerian Dwarf preemies born 21 days before they were due.

New Year’s Traditions

Humans have strange New Year’s traditions. Did you know that people all over the English speaking world sing a Scottish song on New Year’s Eve?

Autumn Leaves

Uzzi and I were munching the yummy, crisp leaves that fall in our paddock and gazing at the beautiful autumn colors in our woods when Uzzi swallowed and then said, “Why do they do that? Why do the leaves change colors before they fall?”

It’s Pumpkin Time!

Uzzi and I love this time of year because soon we’ll be eating yummy pumpkins. Pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene, the USDA says, and we think they just taste good!