Strawberries and Spanish Mustangs

Photo by Audrey Pavia Milagro and Rio, the strawberry killers. Early last summer, my roommate Lisa planted a garden. Using four of the large terra cotta pots that were sitting empty on my patio, she started peppers, tomatoes and strawberries. She diligently watered the seedlings every day and, before long, the bright California sun brought […]

Too Close for Comfort

Photo by Audrey Pavia Mr. Mabel tempts face as he loiters dangerously close to Milagro’s hooves. I’m not one of these people who assume chickens are stupid. I know they have that reputation, but I think they are actually pretty smart. They learn quickly, have a surprising capacity to think things out and are very […]

Urban Wildlife

Photo by Audrey Pavia A goldfinch outside my office window proves the beauty of urban wildlife. When I hear people who live in rural areas talk about their wildlife sightings, I feel pangs of envy. They have deer grazing in their backyards. They have a family of raccoons that visit the back porch every night. […]

Horse Talk

Photo by Audrey Pavia Milagro and Rio tell me they love me. I’ve been in love with horses since I was a little girl. This unending passion started at around age 9 and never quit. For most of my horse-loving childhood, I rode rental horses at stables near my house. I’d fall in love with […]

Milagro and the Purse

Photo by Audrey Pavia Milagro, nudging the most delicious purse he’s ever tasted. Milagro’s back has been bothering him, evidenced by the way he flinches when I run my hand over the muscle just in front of his hip. So, I scheduled a visit for him with an equine chiropractor. The chiropractor could only come […]

Milagro on Parade

Photo by Audrey Pavia Milagro got dressed up for the Norco Horseweek Parade. Every year in my town of Norco, Calif., we celebrate Horseweek. This is a week of fun equine events, kicked off by a Saturday-morning parade. Unlike the other parades held in Norco throughout the year, this one features only horses. Horses being […]