6 Expectations For Seasonal Molt

  Rachel Hurd Anger Our flock’s annual molt has always begun with the Polish in mid-summer. Next is the Partridge Plymouth Rock in late summer. In early fall, it’s the Australorp’s turn. Finally, the Silver Laced Wyandotte experiences her awkward nudity through the chilly days between Thanksgiving and the first days of December. This year, […]

6 Ways to Give Molting Hens a Protein Boost

Opening the coop to find a carpet of feathers that wasn’t there the day before can be shocking, whether you’re a beginning or experienced chicken keeper.

How to Care for Molting Chickens

We have five Rhode Island Red chickens that are 1½ years old. When they started laying, we were getting eggs from all of them, but for the past several months, we have only been getting one egg per day, if that. We have one that’s missing her tail feathers and one that is missing feathers under her neck.