Gifts of a Productive Garden

The vegetable garden is looking good! The lettuce is nearly ready to harvest, the carrots are an inch high, the chard is developing its first true leaves, and the cole crops are growing like weeds.

Trying Onion Seedlings

And so the work continues here. I’ll post some new pics next week of how the new patio is progressing. It will be a few more weeks until the grading work and retaining walls are done. In the meantime, it’s a big muddy mess out there, but it sure is fun to watch the progress happening.

The Big Soup

Photo by Judith Hausman Need a way to use up those garden veggies? Throw them in the soup pot. The air is cooler, the garden is straggling and our tastes are turning. It’s time to throw everything into the soup pot, trusting our palates and our instincts, flying without a recipe, seasoning at will. Minestrone […]

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