Summer Squash and Corn Pancakes

At the height of the summer, the amount of zucchini is overwhelming and it’s easy to find yourself in a rut. However, these tender, small squash, in all their wonderful variety, can be a welcome raw material many simple summer dishes. Whether bright-yellow, pale-green, striped, scalloped, tennis ball-shaped, you can grate them, dice them, sauté […]



Make this savory pancake in your cast-iron skillet to turn Mediterranean street food a farmhouse favorite.

Korean Scallion Pancakes

A delicious companion to seafood, these dippable pancakes bring Asian flare into your farmhouse.

Russian Blini

Present these pancakes as appetizers at your next dinner party alongside an aperitif.



This simple pancake made with cornmeal can be taken on the go as a hearty snack.

Whole-wheat Pancakes

These basic pancakes are fluffy and perfect for soaking up your homemade maple syrup.

Berry and Banana Pancakes

Photo by Judith Hausman Pancakes are easy to make and fun to eat. My “new” CSA has a u-pick berry patch, and last week was the members’ first trip into the fields. These fragile, fragrant berries are a completely different beast than the shiny, hard, out-of-season California ones we typically see here in New York. […]

Recipe: Broccoli di Rabe Pancakes

Photo by Judith Hausman Broccoli di rabe pancakes make for a quick vegetarian dinner. Potato pancakes with horseradish are a yearly tradition, and Korean-style scallion pancakes, brushed with sesame oil, are a restaurant favorite. Recently, I fooled around and came up with broccoli di rabe pancakes, which turned out great. We had ruthlessly harvested most of […]

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