Recipe: Basil-Scented Panna Cotta with Basil-Poached Apricots

Photo by Judith Hausman Fragrant basil leaves pair perfectly with the apricots. A California vacation at apricot (and peach) time: aaahhh. We can manage good¬†peaches in the Hudson Valley, but our apricot season is about 30 seconds. While in Northern California, we bought and ate them by the quart. Firm, sweet, tart and juicy, the […]

Milk Desserts

Photo by Judith Hausman Buttermilk pies are easy to make, and their simple flavors are deliciously comforting. Lisa had made a mistake in the cheese house, but like many a food mistake, a new product resulted. When her apprentice, Blair described the dense texture and tangy flavor of the goat milk, I knew I had […]