The Garden Shines at Night

Dusk is a beautiful time in the garden, especially for certain plants. Specimens that might otherwise go unnoticed in the daylight become alive at night.

14 Plants For Your Container Garden

  Hens-and-Chicks photo courtesy Robert Nunnally Your patio offers the ideal place to create a colorful oasis of container plants. Dwarf trees, climbing vines, vibrant flowers and hardy succulents – all can fell equally at home on your patio and create the ultimate garden getaway. Some plants do better in containers than others, though. Knowing […]

Voilà! Patio Complete

The patio is now complete! We just need to add the sealant coat later this week. It’s soooo beautiful, and I’m relieved that we seem to have made the right material choice—the exposed aggregate is really lovely.

Old Patio, New Patios

Spring is coming on quickly here, though the backyard is still a muddy mess. Work has begun on our new patio. Well, actually, the work has begun on removing the old patio. It is made from about a million brick pavers, each of which weighs about 5 pounds.