dwarf citrus tree

9 Tips for Growing Container Trees

A small yard doesn’t mean you can’t start tree farming. An expert shares some tips for successfully growing plants of any size in containers—even indoors.

Walk Like an Egyptian

My son’s bus driver gave me a small paper bag last fall—it was filled with Egyptian walking onions.

Voilà! Patio Complete

The patio is now complete! We just need to add the sealant coat later this week. It’s soooo beautiful, and I’m relieved that we seem to have made the right material choice—the exposed aggregate is really lovely.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. The perennials have begun to pop, the bulbs have been pushing up their green sprigs, the grass is starting to turn it’s luscious spring green, the mud is starting to dry out, the crocus are about to bloom, and all the seedlings growing under the lights in the basement are ready for transplanting.

Unusual Allium Varieties

Members of the onion family can be a great addition to your garden. Why not give these exotic varieties a try?

Tried-and-true Fall Flowers

I can’t believe how many things I still have blooming in the garden—the most beautiful of which are my Venus mums.