7 Materials For Your Patio Garden

In patio gardens, the container’s material affects how you prepare it for planting, watering and winterizing. Regardless of what your plants’ container is made of, the most important feature is adequate drainage. A container plant without drainage allows water to pool, drowning the plant roots. If you find a container that you want to use for your […]

2 Spiraling Plants

I’m a serious sucker for interesting plants, especially those with funky growth habits. I’ve recently been introduced to two different plants that have the most intriguing growth habits: the spiral.

Voilà! Patio Complete

The patio is now complete! We just need to add the sealant coat later this week. It’s soooo beautiful, and I’m relieved that we seem to have made the right material choice—the exposed aggregate is really lovely.

Trying Onion Seedlings

And so the work continues here. I’ll post some new pics next week of how the new patio is progressing. It will be a few more weeks until the grading work and retaining walls are done. In the meantime, it’s a big muddy mess out there, but it sure is fun to watch the progress happening.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. The perennials have begun to pop, the bulbs have been pushing up their green sprigs, the grass is starting to turn it’s luscious spring green, the mud is starting to dry out, the crocus are about to bloom, and all the seedlings growing under the lights in the basement are ready for transplanting.

Jumpstart Your Garden

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Before growing season officially begins, visit your local garden center to pick up discounted garden supplies and experiment with plant arrangements. The onslaught of gardening catalogs arriving in the mail can be a welcome reprieve from dreary winter conditions, offering hope for the impending gardening seasons. But along with the promise of spring […]