7 Tips for Buying Bulk Foods for Canning

If you can’t grow enough food to fill your pantry for winter, turn to a market or farm and purchase fresh produce in bulk quantities for preserving.

Host a Food Swap

Trade your food abundance with friends in a fun, farm-friendly event.

Cure the Cooking Rut: Zucchini Feta Pancakes

Early August brings on a brief but annual culinary rut, an odd confession, we realize, given that right now fresh garden fare is in peak abundance and gifts us with a daily cornucopia of seasonal produce for ingredients.

Are Your Veggies Sleeping?

New research suggests the way we store harvested produce can affect its circadian rhythm and nutrient offerings.

Help! We’re Drowning in Kale!

Our freshly harvested kale sits in a bucket on the kitchen counter, just as the day before and the day before that. Actually, every day this week, we’ve needed to pick this prolific green, which we’re growing for the first time.

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