Vegetable Walnut Quick Bread

Photo by Rachael Brugger In a world where once summer hits, zucchini bread seems to be the only logical use for the summer squash piling up on the counter, I love the way this vegetable quick bread turns the usual on its head. Quick breads are so often sweet, even when made with overgrown zucchini, […]

Pear Bread

  Photo by Judith Hausman Fruit plus bread equals “time to eat a snack.” The orchard store is still full of apples, but they are down to the last of the pears. I bought a big bag of small Bosc “utility” pears, spotted and still hard. They’ll ripen fast enough at home and the few […]

Recipe: Basil-Tomato Quick Bread

Photo by Judith Hausman Add your own spin to this basil-tomato quick bread by substituting the basil with your favorite herb. There are never too many tomatoes, are there? Still, we sure have a lot of them. To make them easier to deal with and before they go bad, I often just trim and toss […]