breakfast pudding

Pudding For Breakfast

Your first meal of the day can be both quick and healthy with these pudding recipes.

Country Pate

Country Pâté

Make the most of your meat “extras” with this recipe from The Meat Hook, a whole-animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Winter Squash Stuffed with Lamb

It’s a pleasure to find that the winter squashes I hauled home from Vermont this fall are still sound—and delicious, as it turns out. They sat patiently in a corner of the kitchen counter, with no special care taken to store them, and were ready to become a special winter dinner. The recipe below for […]

Candied Orange Peels

Candying orange peels is fun and special. The thrifty process reminds us that oranges in the winter for the holidays were exotic and rare—no part of the precious citrus fruit could be thrown away. At the same time, the bitter-sweetness of this treat is adult and particular. It’s a sweet grandma would reach for; not […]