Urban Orchard

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock The Beacon Food Forest mixes forested areas with fruit trees and shrubs, as well as gardening patches. Residents of the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle came up with a plan to transform an unused tract of land into an urban food forest. Despite robust community support, creating the Beacon Food Forest, […]

Seattle Bans Plastic Bags

Photo courtesy of Comstock/Thinkstock Seattle’s ban of plastic bags begins in July 2012. On Monday, Dec. 19, the Seattle City Council voted to ban plastic bags from grocery, retail and convenience stores, joining Edmonds, Bellingham and Mukilteo, Wash., in the push for more progressive environmental laws. The unanimously approved ban will take effect in July […]

Top 10 Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S.

Courtesy Creatas Images/Thinkstock San Francisco leads the way among the top climate-ready cities in the United States. 10. Chicago Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has inspired this grand city to pull out of its once-Rust Belt manufacturing past and into one of the most livable big cities in the United States. Because of his good deeds, […]

Sports Teams Unite for Sustainability

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock The Green Sports Alliance hopes to influence the sports industry’s sustainability practices, from the pros down to little league. As Seattle Mariners pitchers begin to throw out the first balls of the season, fans will have more to cheer on than just the home team. The baseball club has collaborated with other sports […]