portable power station

4 Reasons You Need A Portable Power Station

A portable power station with a rechargeable battery provides handy off-the-grid electricity for a variety of needs. Here are four reasons why you need one:

Butte College Improves Energy Efficiency, Goes “Grid-Positive”

Photo courtesy PR Newswire California’s Butte College becomes the first college in the nation to be grid-positive. Oroville, California‚Äôs Butte College recently became the first college in the United States to¬†go “grid-positive.“ Not only will the college generate more electricity from its solar arrays than it consumes, but it will also contribute to¬†energy efficiency by […]

Green Zoo Builds Urban Solar Canopy

Courtesy Dave Jenike The Cincinnati Zoo’s solar canopy, dubbed the largest urban solar array, will begin reducing the zoo’s carbon footprint beginning¬†in April. Taking a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo this year is going to be a lot cooler for visitors. Up to 800 cars at a time will be able to park in the […]