solar garden tools

Charge Your Garden Tools With Solar Power

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years, so now’s a great time to cut costs and go even greener by solar charging your garden tools with solar power!

portable power station

4 Reasons You Need A Portable Power Station

A portable power station with a rechargeable battery provides handy off-the-grid electricity for a variety of needs. Here are four reasons why you need one:

Butte College Improves Energy Efficiency, Goes “Grid-Positive”

Photo courtesy PR Newswire California’s Butte College becomes the first college in the nation to be grid-positive. Oroville, California’s Butte College recently became the first college in the United States to go “grid-positive.“ Not only will the college generate more electricity from its solar arrays than it consumes, but it will also contribute to energy efficiency by […]

Green Zoo Builds Urban Solar Canopy

Courtesy Dave Jenike The Cincinnati Zoo’s solar canopy, dubbed the largest urban solar array, will begin reducing the zoo’s carbon footprint beginning in April. Taking a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo this year is going to be a lot cooler for visitors. Up to 800 cars at a time will be able to park in the […]